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Strzelecki Group Business Units

Being such a large and diverse organisation, Strzelecki Holdings has a number of business services arms in its portfolio. Ranging from property services such as cleaning and maintenance through to specialist business areas such as Accounting, Strzelecki Holdings employs staff in a wide gamut of abilities and knowledge.

Cleaning Services

Through its Property All company, Strzelecki Holdings manages and provides retail and commercial cleaning services to shopping centres, restaurants and other commercial entities.

Building Maintenance Services

Strzelecki Holdings also provides and performs building maintenance through its Property All arm, and provides these services across a large geographic area in the Perth and Mandurah regions. From basic maintenance through to full construction and retail fit-out, the services provided are just as diverse as the Strzelecki Holdings group.


Dealing with both traditional print media and online media, the Strzelecki Holdings marketing department provides marketing, design, electronic media creation, social media, photography and videography services and consulting across the Strzelecki Group and extends this through to its tenants and partner organisations. With strong marketing capabilities, Strzelecki Holdings has been able to rapidly open new centres and restaurants across the Perth and Mandurah region, and quickly make these popular with locals and tourists alike.

Hospitality and Retail Consulting

With a long history in the Hospitality and Retail industries, combined with the continuing operation of Hospitality and Retail outlets, Strzelecki Holdings offers consulting services in these industries. From shop and restaurants outfitting, employment, hygiene and liquor licensing, through to supply chain management, Strzelecki staff regularly assist other hospitality and retail businesses to improve and grow, increase turnover and generate greater levels of exposure.


Having a large group of companies requires specialist accounting services, so Strzelecki Holdings has its own in-house accountancy unit, with specialised and dedicated individuals providing accounting advice and services across the organisation, as well as providing these services to select partner companies.

IT and Technology

Strzelecki Holdings has its own IT Department, to ensure a quick response to any incidents as well as having specialist advice and knowledge on hand dedicated to its requirements. As well as this, these IT services and advice are provided to tenants and partner organisations as required.